Giglietto Food Festival

Brand Identity and Guidelines

The “Giglietto Food Festival” is one of the most important summer events of the Lazio region in Italy and one of Palestrina’s oldest traditions.

In 2015 the committee decided it was time to start marketing the festival towards a younger audience and I was contacted to create a new brand identity for the food festival and follow their cross-media campaigns applying the new look and feel, making sure the new brand guidelines were followed.

The new mark I designed is a celebration of the Giglietto biscuit, from which the food festival takes its name from. This delight was invented by the Barberini family’s chefs during their exile in France in the 15th century, giving the biscuit the shape of a lily: the Barberini family symbol on their coat of arms.

The new logo and brand identity create a link between the new generations and the region heritage, bringing new light to a tradition that is over 500 years old.