Il Gelataio

Ice Cream Shop

“Il Gelataio” is an institution in the little town of Ostia Antica since 1918, the day in which the Ghiglione family opened a little milk shop near the Ostia Antica ancient ruins. The family started making ice-cream in the 60s and became renown for the fantastic flavour and quality of their ice cream.

I was asked to operate a rebranding of ther original logo, that has never been changed before since it was created the 70s. I decided to create something that was strongly linked to the old logo, avoiding to loose all the legacy of feeling and memories that the old logo brings along. I also wanted to create something extremely simple: they still make a really small selection of ice cream flavours, sticking to the most common one, like in the old days and I wanted to reflect that simplicity in the new logo.