Phidia – New Brand Identity

In January 2016 I was asked by software house Phidia srl. to redesign their logo and brand identity in order to reflect the evolution of the company into offering a wider range of services like training and web development.

Having a solid client base, they asked for the new logo to maintain a strong link with the old one and preserve the brand awareness built over the years. Borrows the shapes and color scheme from the old one the new logo reinvents a new meaning for the rotating orange extension of the letter P, transforming into a typographic ‘accent’.

The font selected for the new identity was Nova Round by designer Wojciech Kalinowski, a typeface originally developed for stone inscriptions: the oblique lower end of the letters constitutes an interesting detail and make the font unique and memorable, as well as mirroring the oblique cut of the orange accent. The color palette was developed keeping in mind the 3 areas of services offered by the company: 2 different shades of blue for training and software house, and a more lively and creative yellow for the new area of

The new logo constitutes a smooth and modern evolution, it perfectly integrates with the existing visual language making the process of transitioning more fluid and cost effective, and it finally really tells Phidia’s story and gives a clear, concise promise.