Terre Prime Bio

Terre Prime Bio is a company dedicated to sourcing and delivering the finest Italian food, making it available for purchase on their online store.

When they asked me to create a logo and brand identity for them, it was clear that the core business for the company was to identify and deliver the absolute best, positioning themselves as a top-of-the-range brand. As the best food traditions in Italy go way back, sometimes even hundreds of years, for the logo I decided to make a very strong connection to the past with a vintage looking design, the color palette reinforces this message with a deep green communicating organic qualities and reminding of the olive leaf, the rest of the colors in the palette are connected to food products and sunny weather.

For the mark, I chose a sprout to communicate freshness, uniqueness, and authenticity, the negative space between the leaves suggests a T reminding of the name of the company. From the mock-ups presented in this page, we can see the logo successfully communicates the core values of the brand and is already contributing in creating a strong brand awareness.